The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and
Immunology is the largest professional medical specialty
organization that represents health professionals with a
special interest in allergy such as allergists, clinical
immunologists, and other physicians.
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Allergists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Immunologists study the
reaction of tissues of the immune system to substances that cause allergic reactions.
The immune system is a system of tissues and organs in the body that protects it against
foreign substances. The goal of AAAI is the advancement of the knowledge and practice
of allergy, immunology, and asthma (difficulty breathing due to narrowing of the airway
passage) for optimal patient care.

The AAAAI was established in 1943 and is currently located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Today, the AAAI has more than 6,500 members. Most of the members are board-certified
allergists/immunologists. Those who are interested can learn more by visiting the AAAAI
website, which contains information on conditions and treatment (allowing one to search
by symptoms), professional education and training, and international physician referral
directory, research summaries, practice resources, and more.

The website is one of the most comprehensive in the world on allergies, immunology, and
asthma. AAAI also has an official scientific journal known as The Journal of Allergy and
Clinical Immunology.
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