American Academy of Family Physicians
The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is
a national association of family doctors. It is one of the
largest national medical organizations, with more than
100,300 members in 50 states, Washington D.C.,
Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.
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Members consist of family physicians, family practice residents, and medical students.
Until October 3, 1971, the AAFP was known as the American Academy of General
Practice. AAFP was founded in 1947 with the goal of promoting and maintaining high
quality standards for family doctors who provide continuing comprehensive health care
to the public. The organization helped establish family medicine as a recognized medical
specialty. AAFPs current mission statement is to improve the health of patients,
families and communities by serving the needs of members with professionalism and
creativity AAFP publishes two scientific journals: American Family Physician (AFP) and
Family Practice Management (FPM) while jointly sponsoring a third journal known as
Annals of Family Medicine. 

AAFP has a charitable Foundation (established in 1958) that is designed to advance the
values of Family Medicine by promoting humanitarian, educational and scientific
initiatives that improve the health of all people. AAFP has its headquarters in Leawood,
Kansas. Those who are interested can learn more by visiting the AAFP website.
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