Articulate & Articulation
Articulate and articulation has three main definitions in
the field of medicine.The first means to be jointed
(connected) or to join or connect together loosely so that
movement can occur between the parts. This is
sometimes written as “articulated” and a joint is
sometimes referred to as an articulation. As an example
of this definition, the articular process is a projection of
a vertebra (bones surrounding the spine) which fits in
with a nearby vertebra. A second definition pertains to
the field of dentistry and is the contact area of occlusal
surfaces of the teeth. An occlusal surface is an arch of
the tooth that contacts or comes in close contact with
the corresponding surface of another tooth (e.g., top and
lower right molars).
Knee joint bone articulation.
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The third definition is to speak distinctly, clearly, effectively, and connectedly. You may
see this described in doctors’ medical notes as “speech was well-articulated.” People
who do not speak distinctly and connectedly are said to be inarticulate. In the most broad
sense, articulate means to have the power of speech. With the exception of a few birds
(e.g., parrots), non-human animals are not capable of articulate speech.

Articulate comes from the Latin word “articulare” meaning “to divide into joints.”
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