Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
The Association for the Advancement of Medical
Instrumentation (AAMI) is a voluntary non-profit
organization formed by an alliance of nearly 6,500
members (and over 400 corporations) united by the
common goal of advancing the understanding,
development, and safe, effective, beneficial use, care,
and performance of medical instruments and medical
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AAMI accomplishes this through established standards (e.g., guidelines, certification of
healthcare technical specialists), educational programs (e.g., continuing education,
conferences), and publications (e.g., technical documents, periodicals, books, software).
AAMI (founded in 1967) is the main source of timely information on medical instruments
and technology, and is the main resource for the industry, the professions, hospitals, and
government (e.g., regulatory agencies) for national and international standards on
medical instrumentation.

The professionals who compose AAMI come from diverse research, manufacturing, and
regulatory backgrounds related to medical technology and instrumentation. AAMI
standards hold considerable sway among regulatory agencies inspecting healthcare
facilities in that violations of these standards are frequently cited. AAMI states that they
help their members AMI helps members by containing costs, keeping them informed of
new technology and policy developments, adding value in healthcare organizations, and
improving professional skills and enhance patient care.
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