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Why do many medical terms sound so strange?

Many medical terms sound so strange because the majority of them are based on foreign languages and they are not used frequently by the average person. For a more in depth discussion of this issue, please see the introduction to medical terminology.

How do I find out more information about a medical term?

Although MedFriendly tries to provide you with the most important information about the medical terms that you are interested in, we realize that we cannot tell you everything about these terms. For example, although we have provided a lengthy description of asbestos, there is enough information about this condition to fill a large number of books.

We offer the following suggestions to help you find more information about the medical term that you are interested in. First, check our Useful Links section, where there are numerous websites listed that provide additional information about medical terms. Many of these sites include support groups. For your convenience, there are sometimes relevant links within the description of each medical term to other sources that will provide you additional information.

Another suggestion is to search for a medical term on a major search engine, such as Google or Yahoo. If you would like to get your hands on some technical research articles about a medical term, we suggest you search for it for free on PubMed. You can also check out Medline Plus, which is another wonderful resource for patients and family members.

How are entries are organized?

The entry for each medical term on MedFriendly is structured in a way to make it as easy to understand as is possible. To begin with, every paragraph is designed to be small so that you do not feel overwhelmed by information.

We make every effort to avoid defining medical terms with other complex medical terminology that the average person may not understand. However, if a complex word needs to be used in describing a medical term, the meaning of that word will be explained in parentheses or in a separate sentence(s). This extra step to avoid possible confusion is the feature of MedFriendly that sets us apart from any other medical dictionary or comprehensive medical reference. If you have an intermediate or advanced kn owledge of medical terminology, feel free to skip over the extra explanatory information.

Each entry will always give you the definition of the word that you are interested in. Many entries will also contain additional information beyond the definition, such as treatments for diseases, cure rates, and helpful pictures. At the end of each entry, we will also describe the linguistic (language) history of the term you are interested in, whenever possible.

Why is the medical term I want to know about not listed?

The eventual goal of MedFriendly is to list every possible medical term that we can. However, there are literally over 100,000 medical terms in existence. Because of this, you may not find the medical term that you are looking for. If this is the case, please email us at We enter new medical terms based on your feedback, so if you submit a medical term to us, it will be on MedFriendly eventually.


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How often are words added?

New terms are usually added to MedFriendly every week.

Can I copy the description of a medical term to use in my homework report?

You are more than welcome to use our description of medical terms in your homework reports or research papers. You do not need to ask us for permission to do this. However, you do have to give us credit in your references sections. The proper citation for information obtained on MedFriendly is as follows:
"Name of medical term"
(8 March, 2001).

(replace medicalterm.html with the name of the medical term on the top of the page; for example,

(and replace March 8th, 2001 with the date you accessed the site)

Can I copy the contents of MedFriendly and put it on my website?

No. You are not allowed to copy the content of this website and use it on your website. Please be sure to read this disclaimer & the terms and conditions. You are more than welcome to place a link to our website. You can place a link to our website by entering the following into your HTML code:

Can I use the MedFriendly smiley face icon on my website?

The MedFriendly smiley face icon (Dr. Friendly) is a trademark of For this reason, others are not permitted to use this icon on their website or in any other way that has not been authorized by us. The only way that others are allowed to use the MedFriendly smiley face icon on their website is if it is used as way to link back to

Can I put a link to MedFriendly on my website?

You are more than welcome to create links to MedFriendly or to medical terms listed on MedFriendly. To do so, just use the following URL format in your HTML code:, where medicalterm.html is the name of the medical term that you would like to create a link to.

For example, if you wanted to link directly to the term, asbestos, you would use the following URL:

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