A gynceologist is a physician (medical doctor) who
specializes in gynecology, which is the science that
deals with the health care of women, including diseases
and normal physical care of the female reproductive
system. Gynecology also involves the study of female
sexual functioning, as well as functioning of the
reproductive system and of the secretions (substances
released) from hormones in the female body. Hormones
are types of chemicals in the body that affect other

FEATURED BOOK: Williams Gynecology, 3rd edition

Gynecologist is commonly abbreviated as GYN. Since gynecology is almost always
studied and practiced along with obstetrics (see obstetrician), these two fields of study
are commonly abbreviated as OB/GYN. Obstetrics is the science that deals with the care
of women and their fetuses during pregnancy and childbirth, and during the events that
come before and soon after birth. Most women often refer to their gynecologist as their
OB/GYN. Any gynecologist can apply to the American Board of Obstetrics and
Gynecology, to become board certified. The gynecologist that is board certified has been
agreed upon by a board (group) of peers (other gynecologists) to meet the rigorous
standards necessary to practice obstetrics, and has achieved the highest level of
education possible in this field. Gynecologist comes from the Greek word "gyne" meaning
"woman," and the Greek word "logos" meaning "the study of." Put the two words together
and you have "the study of woman."

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