Hemihyperhidrosis is excessive sweating on one side of the
body. This condition is known to occur in some patients who have
experienced a stroke. A stroke is a burst artery (a type of blood
vessel that carries blood away from the heart) or a blockage of
an artery in the brain. Strokes in an area of the lower part of the
brain known as the medulla have been associated with increased
sweating on the side of the body that is opposite of the side that
the stroke occurred in the brain. Specifically, damage to the
sympathetic nervous system pathways that run through the side
of the medulla are thought to lead to hemihyperhidrosis. The
sympathetic nervous system is a network in the body that
generally excites it by doing things such as increasing the heart
rate, blood pressure, and perspiration (sweating).
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Strokes in another area of the brain called the hypothalamus have also been associated
with hemihyperhidrosis. The hypothalamus is an area in brain that is important for many
bodily functions such as sleep, appetite, and temperature control. The easiest way to
treat excessive sweating is wiith an anti-perspirant, whch can be applied to other parts of
the body besides the underarms. If this does not work, there are medical treatments that
can be used such as Botox injections, which block release of a chemical that triggers
sweating. Surgical removal of sweat glands can be used in severe cases of excessive
sweating. Hemihyperhidrosis comes from the Greek word "hemi" meaning "half," the
Greek word "hyper" meaning "above," and the Greek word "hidrosis" meaning "sweating."

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