Message Board FAQ & Help

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How do I get registered?

Before you can begin posting messages or accessing password protected forums you first need to register. This is fast, free, and simple. Here are the steps:

1. Click Login

2. Click “If you are not a registered user, get registered!”

3. Type a username, password, and email. Other information is optional.

4. Click submit

5. Check your email for a confirmation email and respond as directed. If you do not receive the confirmation, check your junk email.

There are so many forums! How do I wade through all of it?

It is common for people to initially feel overwhelmed when they first see the message board. This is a natural consequence to having the largest medical message board in the world. It is meant for you to explore and you may eventually find areas that you like and prefer to specifically come back to each time. You can collapse categories by clicking on the gold arrows on the right side of each category. If you to quickly scroll through the categories and forums, do the following: Click “Search” on the top of the page. Then go to “Advanced Options” where you can quickly scroll through the forums and even do a specific search within the forums.

How do I post a new message?

This is the most common question. Find a category you are interested in. Categories are in blue. Then click one of the sub-headings below the category. These subheadings are known as forums. Once you have entered a forum do the following:

1. Click the button to the right that says “New Topic.”

2. Type a message subject and your message content

3. Click “post message” and your message should appear

What is an avatar and how do I make one?

An avatar is a picture that you use to identify yourself. It does not need to be a picture of yourself. It can be a picture of a famous person, a cartoon, a symbol, etc. It is whatever you would like to show up as a picture next to your postings. To create an avatar, click on “Control Panel” after you have logged in. Then go to the section that says “Avatar/Picture” where you can either upload the picture you would like to use as an avatar or enter a web address to point to where the picture is located. If you want to name your avatar, simply type a name in the section that says “Custom user title.” Your name will then appear under your avatar when you post.

How do I include a personal picture of myself?

When you log in, click control panel on the top of the page. Then go to the section that says “Profile Picture” where you can either upload the picture or enter a web address to point to where the picture is located. Please keep the picture small since large photos add to message board costs. You can use your personal photo as your avatar as well. See previous section.

How do I find other members of the message board?

To find other members of the message board, click “Search” on the top of the page. Then click “members list” under the category that says “search by username.” You will now see all members and be able to do a member search. Keep in mind that a person may be on the message board but may not show up if you typed their real name because registration of real names is not required to ensure privacy if desired.

What are membership rankings and how do I move up in rank?

Membership rankings are a way to increase your prestige on the MedFriendly Message Board. The way you move up in ranking is to post messages. Your ranking will show up next to your name when you achieve the desired number of posts. Here is the membership ranking order:

1. BRONZE MEMBER: 25 posts

2. SILVER MEMBER: 50 posts

3. GOLD MEMBER: 100 posts

4. DIAMOND MEMBER: 250 posts

5. PLATINUM MEMBER: 500 posts