A nutritionist is someone who specializes in providing
advice on nutrition, which is the study of the foods and
liquids that are required for the human body to function
normally and in a healthy manner. Nutritionists have
different titles depending on the country such as
dietician-nutritionists, clinical nutritionists, and nutrition
scientists. The titles sometimes change based on the
context. For example, a nutritionist advising athletes is
known as a sports nutritionist.
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Nutritionists who work in the public health sector are known as public health nutritionists.
In many countries, the term “nutritionist” is not legally regulated, meaning that anyone can
use the term even if the person is only self taught (e.g., no degree of formal education in
the topic). This includes the United States, England, and parts of Canada. Although the
term nutritionist is sometimes used synonymously with dietician, the term “dietician” is
legally regulated. 

Because nutritionists are not regulated in many countries people need to be careful about
advice provided to them by nutritionists and check it with a licensed health care
professional such as a family practitioner or general practitioner. Also, see the following
entry on Five Ways to Evaluate Suspicious Medical Claims.

Nutritionist comes from the Latin word "nutrio" meaning "to nourish."
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