Yoga is an ancient Indian system of exercise,
stretching, and controlled breathing, combined
with meditation. Many also consider yoga a way
of life.

Yoga has been shown to have many health
benefits, including lower blood pressure and
breathing rate, weight loss, pain relief,
relaxation/decreased stress, improved heart
pumping effectiveness, increased flexibility,
strength, and improved sleep.
Three different yoga poses.
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Yoga partially works through various “postures” and posed which are muscle stretching,
strenghening, and lengthening techniques that also squeeze organs inside the body to
increase circulation. Before and during the postures, breathing techniques are used to
help calm and focus the mind, which is something meditation also helps with.

According to yoga enthusiasts, these techniques help to improve the life force (known as
prana). The goal is to improve the life force so that a balance is struck between the mind,
body, and spirit. People who use yoga hope to achieve well-being as well as mental and
physical control over themselves. There are many different types of yoga, from those
requiring little physical activity to those requiring what will seem like a very intense work-
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