From Today's Featured Entry: Serum
The fluid component of the circulating blood that is watery and straw-
colored. Plasma is separate from serum, which is the liquid part of
blood obtained after blood coagulates (turns from liquid to solid
form). This is the difference between plasma and serum. White blood
cells, red blood cells, and platelets are suspended in plasma. White
blood cells help protect the body against diseases (Full article...)
Featured Blog Entry: The Neuropathology of CTE in the U.S.
These days, it is difficult for someone to turn on the television, open
a newspaper, or surf the internet without coming across a story on
the dangers of concussions, particularly repeat concussions. This
has caused a great deal of concern among many athletes and their
loved ones regarding participation in sports. One of the greatest
concerns that has emerged is the possibility of developing CTE   
(Full article...)
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Asbestos is a natural mineral that causes cancer, specifically mesothelioma.
Stress incontinence can often be cured.
Plastic surgery originated in India.
Diabetes affects 1 in 20 people.
Medication treatment is sometimes used in drug rehabilitation.
Halloween poisonings are mostly myths.
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