Featured MedFriendly Entry: Ablepharia
Ablepharia is a condition present from birth in which the baby is born with
a partial or total absence of the eyelids. This is a very rare condition. It
usually occurs in one eye but it can occur in both. When present, there
are usually other abnormalities of the eyes present and there can be
other abnormalities throughout the body, as in Fraser syndrome. Fraser
syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes ablepharia and genital
malformation, along with other possible abnormalities. (Full article...)
Featured Blog Entry: Beyond 40: Common Skin Problems & Treatment Options
Your body undergoes profound changes after you cross your 40s; itís
a time when several skin problems can exist simultaneously. The
signs of aging include discoloration, emerging of skin tags, fine lines,
wrinkles, and laxity that progresses quickly through the decade. All of
these issues arise because the fourth and fifth decade of life is
marked with a decline in various growth factors and hormone levels.
(Full article...)
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