From Today's Featured Entry: Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (abbreviated as MCH) is an estimate
of the amount of hemoglobin in an average red blood cell.
Hemoglobin is a substance in the blood that carries oxygen to the
cells in the body from the lungs. Red blood cells help carry oxygen
in the blood because red blood cells contain hemoglobin.
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Featured Blog Entry: Overcoming Addiction: Seeking Treatment and More
Personal growth often requires a lot of hard work. It also means
overcoming obstacles and facing challenges as they arise. And, for
so many people, some of these challenges involve substance abuse
and addiction. Indeed, addiction affects millions of people each and
every day, preventing them from living the lives they want and
deserve. If you are one of these people, you know that beating
addiction is easier said than done. (Full article...)
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Stress incontinence can often be cured.
Plastic surgery originated in India.
Diabetes affects 1 in 20 people.
Medication treatment is sometimes used in drug rehabilitation.
Halloween poisonings are mostly myths.
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