From Today's Featured Entry: Ache
An ache is a dull, chronic (continuous) pain that is usually of moderate
intensity. Aches can be pinpointed to a specific area of the body, such
as the head during a headache, the lower back during a backache, or an
ache in a bone or muscle. However, some aches are general, such as
the pain that one may feel in the muscles during a fever. Ache also
means to suffer from a dull...(Full article...)
From Today's Blog Entry: Diabetes: Eating on Vacation
The first thing you should realize is that having diabetes
doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself. While it is
true that you should seriously limit your consumption of foods
that are high in sugar, or have a high glycemic index, that
doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid everything.
The key is in making healthy food choices so that you can
include the occasional splurge (Full article...)
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Asbestos is a natural mineral that causes cancer, specifically mesothelioma.
Stress incontinence can often be cured.
Plastic surgery originated in India.
Diabetes affects 1 in 20 people.
Medication treatment is sometimes used in drug rehabilitation.
Halloween poisonings are mostly myths.
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Dubious Dr. Oz recommendations (more)
Vitamin B3 prevents noise-induced
hearing loss (more...)
People with Crohn's disease may inherit
gut bacteria (more...)
When you lose weight, where does the
fat go? (more...)
Better treatment for severe strokes (more...)
Pharmacy execs charged with murder (more...)
Running and Alzheimer's risk (more...)
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