Lacrimal Canals
The lacrimal canals (pictured to the right) are curved,
tube shaped structures connected to the lacrimal
puncta, that tears coming from the lacrimal lake drain
into. The lacrimal puncta are tiny openings towards the
inner part of each eyelid, that tears drain through.
Picture the lacrimal puncta as being like a drain in a
kitchen sink. The lacrimal lake is a small open area of
the eye where tears collect. As you can see from the
picture, the superior (top) lacrimal canal is on the top
and the inferior (lower) lacrimal canal is on the bottom.
As you can also see, both lacrimal canals are located in
the border of the each eyelid, near the area where the
top and bottom eyelids come together.
The lacrimal apparatus.
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Tears travel across the middle from the lacrimal canals to the lacrimal sacs. The lacrimal
sacs are hollow spaces that the lacrimal canals drain tears into. The lacrimal canals are
also known as the lacrimal ducts, lacrimal canaliculi, and canaliculus lacrimalis.

For a description of the other items in the picture above, see the entry for lacrimal
apparatus. The lacrimal apparatus is the system in the body that produces and drains
tears. The term, lacrimal canals, comes from the Latin word "lacrima" meaning "tear," and
the Latin word "canalis" meaning "channel." Put the two words together and you get "tear
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